When this service isn’t available, the thermostat can also be installed without a hub. In ‘stand-alone’ mode the thermostat acts as a standard programmable thermostat without the remote control features and functionality of Hive. Thus pressing the CH +30M button will set the thermostat setpoint to 1 degree C higher than the current SLR Thermostat Temperature for 30 minutes. Pressing the HW +30M button will switch the HW output on for a duration of 30 minutes. Similarly the boost time may be 60 or 90 minutes by pressing the appropriate button. Timed ‘On’ periods for 7 days and up to 8 programmable ‘On’ periods per day are available for boiler control of heating and hot water.


TL;DR – Hold down button on TRV for about 3 seconds until it enters install mode and then hold it down again for another 3 seconds until it exits install mode. Give it a minute and then refresh the TRV in the Hive app to see the ‘Requires Calibration’ button. So, you’ve tried every trick in the book but you still cannot get your Hive thermostat to reset.

Tip #1 Press and Hold + and –

Another essential thing to do is to refresh your app page if you are using one of the latest models of Hive. The page should refresh automatically, but in case it doesn’t, close the app and then open it again. If you have logged into your Hive app on the computer, give it a refresh there. The Hive Active Thermostat is a low-voltage thermostat compatible with most HVAC systems and not suitable for High Voltage systems Im afraid. Hive is not battery powered, it uses continuous power from the C-wire.

If you’re looking for a simple way to turn your home into a smart home, the Hive product Packs provide bundles of products that are simple to set up and operate. The mobile apps, with minor differences, operate the same way whether you are in the Android or Apple camp. And, you can also use the website dashboard on your desktop – a feature not found in many smart home systems.

Hive Window or Door Sensor

The Active components, the SLT and SLR2 , are easily obtained used from the usual Internet auction places. The Hive Active hub is not required as this will be replaced by the Raspberry Pi.Although the above picture shows the older Hive Active Thermostat , the newer model SLT3 may be used instead. In Zigbee2Mqtt use the dropdown arrow next to “Permit Join” to select the Hive receiver device you added earlier. Remove the thermostat from the wall and remove a battery to turn it off.

Since can you remove hive heating is no longer supporting their devices in North America, I need to know what hub to get that will support Hive bulbs. Bottom line, when you connect Hive to Alexa, the possibilities are endless! A bigger world of smart home automation opens up as you gain the ability to combine various smart home devices to help your smart home run even more efficiently.

If the hub is showing a solid amber light, unplug the power and reconnect it. The hub will begin to reboot, this may take a few minutes. When the hub is ready to pair, the top light will be solid green and the middle light will flash amber. If no lights are displayed immediately after installing the hub check all cables are connected, the power outlet is working, and that you have an internet connection. Similarly, Heating boost will set the thermostat setting to the current temperature plus 1 deg C for the selected period and ‘Cancel’ will cancel the last boost period.

They are useable but you either increase setpoint until your room temp is reached or you use the offset, the problem with the offset is that at rest the temp will underread. I’ve read about some sort of manual offset for the temperature on the TRVs…it’s strange that this sort of compensation for the radiator temperatures isn’t built into the software to be honest. I currently have a Worcester Bosch MATIC greenstar 42CDI combi, on 2 zones with Hive thermostats on each zone, 14 radiators in total.

You then need a wired thermostat for the second zone for the second hive receiver replacement. You will need a wireless add on temperature sensor. Unfortunately you can’t use modulation with zone valves.

integrates your hive

Don’t worry as there are some standard ways of resetting a thermostat that will work on any Hive model. Here are some of the general reset tips that should work for you. Hive has developed a handful of different thermostats over the years all with distinct operating instructions. There’s the standard model, the Hive Thermostat Mini, and the Hive 1 Thermostat just to name a few. The first step to resetting your Hive thermostat is to turn off the wall socket.

If these files are not found on first run of the flow, they should be created by the Node-RED catch nodes name No HW! At this point, the controller may not publish a full list of parameters on its root topic pive2mqtt/SLR which are required by Pi-ve’s node-RED flow for control. To check these, go to the web frontend screen, select the SLR device and the ‘State’ tab. As soon as pairing has finished, it remains in pairing mode waiting for the SLT to pair with it.

If you tap on a scheduled time, the edit screen shown on the right appears. You can edit the brightness and tone as well as the start and end times for the schedule. Toggling the “Light Tunable” switch enables/disables the schedule.

Hive to axe cameras and other smart devices by 2025 – your rights … – MoneySavingExpert

Hive to axe cameras and other smart devices by 2025 – your rights ….

Posted: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Haven’t added any extras yet, but want to add a couple of sockets to control remotely. Holiday – Use this to set the dates when you are not around. For the Active Heating model, follow the detailed steps from the manual. Turn the dial to browse the day you want to view or edit. Follow the instructions you will see on the screen.

And perhaps the feature set included at the product’s launch is all you really want/need from a camera. For me, I’d hold off spending the $200 until I see which, if any, of the additional features above are added. But like all smart home systems, Hive’s downside is that it doesn’t interoperate with ZigBee-based products from other manufacturers. But that may be less of a problem given its integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

70 Thousand Village Houses Will Be Built in the Rural Area Affected by the Earthquake in the First Stage – RaillyNews

70 Thousand Village Houses Will Be Built in the Rural Area Affected by the Earthquake in the First Stage.

Posted: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 09:11:25 GMT [source]

Here is a list of can you remove hive heating sources and brief instructions for installing the necessary software. I suggest installing and configuring the software in the order below, ensuring that things work properly at each stage of your build. Lastly, British Gas may decide at some time to stop supporting Hive Active.

Can you remove Hive thermostat from wall?

Press the tab on the base of the thermostat to remove it from the wall. (or pull away from the back plate if you have the thermostat with the touch screen icons).

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