However, you must understand the technicalities, gather the required knowledge, and gain experience to better position yourself for the opportunities in this field. As a general rule of thumb, a cloud engineer’s technical expertise in cloud database management is very important. You should also be familiar with database tools like MySQL and have extensive knowledge of cloud security and recovery because this is a priority for cloud service providers and users. Organizations hire cloud engineers to employ cloud services, improve their utilization of cloud resources, or gain an understanding of cloud service operations. A certification is a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition when applying for jobs in cloud computing. Here are some of the best cloud certifications you can pursue to add a feather to your cap after having mastered the above skills and kickstart your journey in cloud engineering.

how to become an azure cloud engineer

There are multiple providers out there you could get certified with, but here are the top three public cloud providers. According to Northeastern University’s website,, a graduate certificate can boost a person’s earnings by an average of 25%. A cloud engineer should Java 7: What’s in it for developers have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, engineering or other related field that provides similar skills. Knowledge is a valuable treasure today, and how we obtain it and how effectively and efficiently we use it determines the extent of our success.

Find Entry-Level Cloud Computing Roles to Gain Experience

Cloud Engineers are usually among those with a master’s degree or graduate from the computer department. However, it does not mean that people with no experience cannot become cloud engineers. It is not difficult to become a Cloud Engineer by following a good cloud engineer training that can guide you and working hard. It is difficult to become a Cloud Engineer since the availability of an experienced one who is familiar with the all complex concept of cloud computing is scarce. So the salary of cloud engineers has increased significantly nowadays.

In short, we can say that the cloud is a virtual storage area on the Internet. You can also earn cloud computing certifications from vendor-neutral providers such as EXIN and CompTIA. Successfully completing a coding bootcamp and demonstrating your skills during a technical interview may be enough to land a job.

Microsoft Azure Specialty certifications

Cloud computing provides a scalable and flexible infrastructure that can support the computational demands of ML and AI. Azure offers a range of ML and AI services, including Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, which can be used to build and deploy intelligent applications. Edureka’s Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 certification training will help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam.

how to become an azure cloud engineer

Once you pass, your certification will be extended one year from the expiration date. As a starter, let’s say that Microsoft has put up a good guide which can be found on the site along with many more materials. Don’t give up if you get rejected a few times or fail to land job interviews. Commit to your goal and let those rejections drive you to work harder. Check out the video from Forrest below to get a better idea of how to network for an awesome cloud career — and how networking can look quite a bit different than you think.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification

According to Indeed research, a cloud engineer salary with average experience is over $100,000. While small companies usually assign all duties to one Cloud Engineer, big companies employ engineers to each different role in design, plan, and management areas in Cloud Infrastructure. When a Cloud Engineer applies for cloud-related jobs, the Cloud Engineer job description is usually required to have the following responsibilities.

how to become an azure cloud engineer

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